Code Enforcement

Building Inspector

The Planning and Building Departments are all interconnected in supporting the Town Comprehensive Plan. The Building Department enforces all New York State and Town of AuSable Building Code Requirements in a manner to ensure the safety and stability of all structures within the Town. To assist the Building Department, the Town has hired an Engineer and an Attorney.

Once an application is approved by the Planning Department, it moves to the Building Department where any relevant permits are issued and the work is reviewed by the building inspector, town engineer, and code enforcement personnel. The Building Department also oversees the issuance of 911 addressing, building permits for renovations or additions, and certificates of occupancy, which are required for all building in the Town of AuSable.


Inspections for work completed are by appointment only.

911 Regulations

The Town of AuSable now requires that a post be placed at the end of each driveway with the 911 number or street address on it. Please contact the Building Department for a copy of the specifications.

Permit Requirements

Building permits are needed for anything built. Examples are: dwellings, garages, additions, decks, porches, pools, sheds, etc. A fee will be charged. Applications can be picked up at Town Hall Mon-Fri 8:30-4:00.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A New York State law has just been passed that all dwellings must have at least one carbon monoxide detector in place before the bedroom of the first floor.

Unregistered Vehicles

No unregistered vehicles are allowed on any property in any zone.

Property Maintenance

The Town of AuSable Code: it is the responsibility of the owner or occupant of every parcel to maintain the grass/weeds on their property. Failure to maintain property will result in the Town charging the property owner for all expenses incurred.

Application for Building Permit Application for Solar Permit